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North Piha, Tuesday 5 June 2018

5 June 2018

Both roads to Karekare Beach were closed which meant the advertised walk had to be changed. Fortunately Piha was over the hill and Kay was able to switch the walk to North Piha. A very kind WOPper stayed at the Karekare Road turn-off to direct WOPper traffic to the North Piha car park. Here a hardy group of four assembled for a bracing tramp in gusty weather. Fortunately the rain held off all day.

Kay checked the tides and decided that she could take us down the fisherman’s track and over the rocks to White’s Beach. So instead of circumnavigating the beach via the Laird Thomson Track, we had a great adventure navigating a rock face with the help of a permanent rope. We huddled under a cliff at the north end of White’s Beach for morning tea, and then made the ascent up a steep ridge to Anawhata Road. Being a small group we were able to make good progress, and by lunchtime we had returned to Piha beach via the Rose Track. We had plenty of time on our hands so we explored some caves and chose one that offered shelter from the wind for our lunch spot. A stretch along the beach brought the walk to an end.


5 June 2018
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Women’s Outdoor Pursuits
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