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River Safety – Wellington branch

2 December 2018

This course is aimed at outdoor users who are likely to travel in, near or across rivers or streams while recreating in the NZ outdoors. It will include practical application of river crossing techniques and the theory of river dynamics.
Course includes:
* Basic river dynamics and hazards
* How to assess whether a river or stream is safe to cross
* Choosing not to cross
* How to identify safe crossing points
* Managing clothing and equipment for travel/river crossing
* How to perform a solo crossing
* How to cross using an approved mutual support method
* How to float and recover if swept away
* How to self-release from a trapped pack
* How to safely retreat during a crossing
* Managing a group in and around waterways

PLEASE NOTE: the ability to swim confidently is not a pre-requisite of this course, however if participants are not confident swimmers they should advise their instructors of this at the earliest possible opportunity.

Location: Belmont, Lower Hutt, TBC according to conditions
Cost $50 per person.
Use this link to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfCMJ-LzIFwwSeA97dOD_nwOcDrEyhdzv0MfKjOz-a3BR7Xjg/viewform

Please contact Helen Lyman with any queries otnzwgtn@gmail.com.


2 December 2018




Club Night
Please contact Helen Lyman for details otnzwgtn@gmail.com.
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