Outdoor Community

Official Trips

The mark of a healthy outdoor group is getting members into the outdoors! Official trips encourage new friendships, mentoring at all levels and a sense of belonging to the group.

Club gear hire services – the practicalities

Let’s face it, outdoor gear is usually expensive. For those who are new to the outdoors, or to a particular activity, the cost involved can be a real barrier to giving it a go. Clubs that offer gear hire are providing an excellent service to help people to get into, and stay safe in, our wild places.

Trip transport and licencing – staying legal

One of the many benefits of club membership is reducing your costs of getting to the hills by combining resources for transport. But as soon as any money changes hands, you need to be aware of the rules surrounding payments and transport, otherwise you can stray unwittingly onto the wrong side of the law.

Safety management

Safety and liability are two buzz words in today's society. When it comes to outdoor clubs, there is a lot of misconception around what the responsibilities of the club, the leaders and the individuals.  We spoke to a few clubs to see what procedures and documentation they have, and how these were developed with reference to [...]

Leader development

A common theme in many clubs is that the same group of people seem to be leading all the trips, which is fine, until those people get tired of the responsibility or leave the club.

Take a kid tramping

All communities rely on teaching and mentoring young members for the future success of the community. Tramping clubs and outdoor groups are no different.