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Liability and Insurance

Advice to navigate the laws which may be relevant to clubs and outdoor individuals

Incorporated Societies Act 2022

Written by FMC Executive member Tony Walton, this article was originally published in the November 2022 issue of Backcountry magazine. We've reproduced it here as part of the Outdoor Community resource. If you've got extra tips or advice to give, then please get in touch.

Gear hire services – the legal issues

The laws concerning hiring gear are designed to regulate commercial activities; if your club is operating the service in the true nature of a voluntary organisation for the benefit of its members, then the club is generally exempt from those laws.

Trip transport and licencing – staying legal

One of the many benefits of club membership is reducing your costs of getting to the hills by combining resources for transport. But as soon as any money changes hands, you need to be aware of the rules surrounding payments and transport, otherwise you can stray unwittingly onto the wrong side of the law.

Insurance for Clubs

What insurance does your club need? Sadly I can’t answer this question, but hopefully I can give some pointers to enable you to answer it.

Safety management

Safety and liability are two buzz words in today’s society. When it comes to outdoor clubs, there is a lot of misconception around what the responsibilities of the club, the leaders and the individuals.

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