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Club assets

Whether its a club hut, vehicle, climbing wall, library or outdoor gear for loan, there’s tips and tricks for buying, maintaining and using club assets.

Cheap Websites, Email and storage for clubs

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of Backcountry. Technology changes so rapidly that readers should take the article as general guidance and seek help from FMC if they have any specific questions. The array of digital platforms for communication and collaboration is overwhelming, even for digital natives, but a handful are dominant [...]

Club gear hire services – the practicalities

Let’s face it, outdoor gear is usually expensive. For those who are new to the outdoors, or to a particular activity, the cost involved can be a real barrier to giving it a go. Clubs that offer gear hire are providing an excellent service to help people to get into, and stay safe in, our wild places.

Gear hire services – the legal issues

The laws concerning hiring gear are designed to regulate commercial activities; if your club is operating the service in the true nature of a voluntary organisation for the benefit of its members, then the club is generally exempt from those laws.

Trip transport and licencing – staying legal

One of the many benefits of club membership is reducing your costs of getting to the hills by combining resources for transport. But as soon as any money changes hands, you need to be aware of the rules surrounding payments and transport, otherwise you can stray unwittingly onto the wrong side of the law.

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