Crystal Brindle

Crystal became a member of the FMC executive in May 2018. She first joined FMC as an overseas individual member in 2015 while living in Alaska because she couldn’t stand spending five months without access to information about the New Zealand outdoors. She now lives in New Zealand full-time and immerses herself in the mountains as a ranger for the Department of Conservation (DOC), a landscape photographer, an avid tramper, and a keen trail runner.

Forgotten Lands  Mavora and Livingstone Ranges, Southland

Why is land classification important? What are the consequences of classifying an area as a stewardship land as opposed to a national park? FMC Executive Crystal Brindle explains how classification works and champions for the Mavora Lakes Conservation Area and Livingstone Mountains to be awarded the highest tier of protection.

Kowhai  The Dancing Tree

Stepping onto the small ‘Adventure Craft’ takes me across the Waiau River – that small impediment that keeps people from exploring this section of the park as often as they otherwise might.

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