Hugh Canard

I am retired from being a watersider, musician, national park assistant, engineer, tourist operator, public servant, regional economic development consultant, contract manager, and science manager. In between working I was a tramper, and kayaker. I have kayaked longer than many, having run the Ashley Gorge and Hurunui from source to sea in 1965. I'm now exploring the possibilities of packrafts and I think they will add a dimension to both trampers and kayakers'' enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Illusions  Mt Aspiring in 12 minutes

The summit ridge climb shown in the film was the real thing. What doesn’t show is that the NW ridge wasn’t accessed direct from Colin Todd hut. We put in fixed ropes on the Therma face of Mt Aspiring because the director ‘didn’t want any footprints’ on the ridge. The whole crew dropped off the NW ridge into the Therma, traversed, then went vertically up to the NW ridge.

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