Peter Laurenson

Peter is a keen tramper, climber and outdoor photographer. He has been an NZAC member since 2002 and as a member of the Wellington Section Committee, edited their monthly bulletin Vertigo, organised section nights and judged photo comps. Since Jan 2019 he took on the role of editor for FMC’s Backcountry. He is also a frequent contributor to Wilderness Magazine, runs, featuring many of his alpine and travel images and in August 2021 released a book, published by Bateman Books, titled KHUMBU Gateway to Mount Everest Pathways to Kinship, about his experiences spanning over 30 years in this famous Nepalese region.

Backcountry Magazine  Sustainable in Print?

In light of climate change, have you ever wondered why FMC continues to print its Backcountry magazine? Backcountry editor, Peter Laurenson, shares FMC's reasons behind the printed version, the steps taken to align with its values of stewardship and environmental protection, and the future of this classic publication.

Climbing  Mt Armstrong, Aspiring National Park

For North Island townies like me, one of the biggest challenges in any climb in the Southern Alps is just getting there in time for a weather window. So a climb of Mount Armstrong (2,174m), a little over 700 metres above the highly accessible Brewster Hut (12 bunks), is a good option when time is the limiting factor.

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