FMC is pleased to advise that access issues across the private land adjacent to the boundaries of the Kaimanawa Forest Park have been resolved for our affiliated club members and individual supporters.

I recently met with Tony Orr of Helisika, the new licensee managing the privately owned East Taupo Lands. Tony was very receptive to negotiations regarding access for FMC members, with discussion centred on routes of most interest to trampers.

Routes likely to be available, subject to negotiation with and approval by Helisiki, are:

  • Ngapuketurua track: Kiko Road to Cascade Hut.
  • Cascade Hut to Waipakihi Hut via Ngapuketurua track, Ignimbrite Saddle and Junction Top.
  • Cascade Hut to Boyd Lodge via North Arm/Ngaruroro river/Te Waiotupuritia stream. Because it is a popular hunting block, this access could be quite limited,
  • Other routes, e.g. Makorako, Mangamaire, Waipakihi Hut to Middle Range via Junction Top, could at times be available.

Camping may be permitted in some instances and the designated place will be included on the access permit.

In order to obtain permission for access, trampers must contact Helisika to discuss proposed travel dates, proposed route, number in party, whether any camping is envisaged during the tramp, and where camping might be. A detailed written plan may be requested.

Depending on whether hunting or fishing clients are in the area, Tony may approve your plan and will issue an access permit. There will be no charge for this permit but all members of the party should carry their FMC card and Helisika may request the card number(s) and expiry date. Conditions such as the proposed route, designated camping spot etc will be noted on the access permit and members are asked to comply with all conditions so we don’t lose this access privilege, which currently is not yet available to the general public. Obviously, all parties are expected to carry out their litter and ensure toilet wastes are buried and not visible to others.

In addition, Helisika has offered a 10% discount for flights to designated landing sites, both on public conservation land and within the private land. Tony can advise what is available. He also offers a heli-biking option in a remote section of the private land. Contact: Tony Orr, Chief Pilot and Operations Manager, Tel: 07 384 2816, Mobile: 0274 543 916, email: info@ or

This is a real break-through in an issue that has been a source of discontent for trampers for several years. FMC is extremely grateful to Helisika for its positive approach. By respecting the privilege, permitted trampers can once again enjoy this outstanding mountain area.