In December 2009 I took my eldest, Ben, who had turned fifteen that year. It turned out to be a very special three weeks for us. Time to explore a magnificent landscape and culture, while also exploring ourselves and our father/son relationship. Ben’s journey from boy to man accelerated there – getting to grips with life above 5,000 metres, while being exposed to the rugged, developing country that is Nepal; and also to many thought provoking discussions as we trod the trails each day. In December 2015 my second son Ed reached fifteen, so it was his turn.

In 2021 Peter released a book about his three decades of visits and experiences in Khumbu – KHUMBU Pathways to Kinship. Click to get a copy and enter FMC01 as the coupon code to get 20% off as an FMC member.

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Peter Laurenson is a member of the New Zealand Alpine Club and editor of FMC’s Backcountry.

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