Last labour weekend our club ran two trips – the main one was a biking trip, that proved to be rather popular. But not everybody is keen on biking, so three of us ended up going tramping. Though the other two wanted to stay in a campground and do daywalks, while I was more inclined to do an overnight trip in the same area. With a bit of planning it proved to be no problem, and reasonably early on Saturday I was walking up Cameron Valley near Lake Heron. Not long after I caught up with a group of four other people. To everyone’s big surprise three of them were our club members.

It turned out to be a brilliant trip. The weather improved for the most of the weekend, the evening light was lovely, and Milky Way was shining bright across an early morning sky. After all, see for yourself. If you want more photos, check out the full album, interactive 360 panorama, or a short video slideshow.

Tomas Sobek is an Otago Tramping and Mountaineering Club member in Dunedin. He shares his images freely on his website.