100 Years  Commemorating the past

The Tararua Tramping Club is celebrating its centenary on the 3rd of July 2019, and one of its centenary events is a commemorative tramp.

 FMC would like to encourage all our clubs to help celebrate 100 years of Tramping Clubs by holding your own commemorative tramps throughout 2019.

It’s a great excuse to take a look back into your own club’s history and celebrate what your club has achieved, as well as contributing to the celebration of the efforts and achievements of FMC and all our member clubs.

It would be ideal if you can schedule a trip on the same date, and to the same location as your clubs first (or first known) trip. However, just going to the same location on a date that suits, or going to a favourite spot on or near the historical date will still be a great way to celebrate.

To find out when and where your first club trip was, you’ll probably have to dive into your club archives, so it’s also a good reminder to re-visit how your club manages and preserves it’s own history.  (Take a look at the archiving resource we published on Wilderlife.nz)

If your club can’t recall it’s original trip, why not schedule a commemorative trip the weekend after the Tararua Tramping Club anniversary (3rd July) in support of their wonderful milestone?

Celebrating 100 years of Tramping Clubs is a great story for local newspapers, and presents a good opportunity to reach out into your local community to attract some new members.

Please let FMC know about the details of your commemorative tramp, so that we can help promote it widely including on our Wilderlife ‘Whats on’ calendar. Contact dan.clearwater@fmc.org.nz with your trips and any questions.

Maybe you could make some fun with the trip, by trying to dress up in the type of clothing they would have worn on that trip back in the day?  Don’t forget to take a few photos and jot down a few words that FMC can publish to help the celebration!

Perhaps your research into the archives unearths a story or a report about those early trips, which you could share on your club meeting before the commemorative trip, and/or on the trip itself. For inspiration, check out the series of ‘100 year reminiscence’ talks that the Tararua Tramping club has run at its 2018 club meetings:


100 Year Reminiscence Series – Part 1

John Gates recalls the hot summer day in 1949 when negotiating the Mid-Waiohine Gorge, his party was astonished to come across two men dressed in leather flying jackets and helmets…


100 Year Reminiscence Series – Part 2

In 1977 the most difficult place to visit on earth was South Georgia Island which Alan Knowles and three mates wanted to explore. After seven years, hundreds of letters, top level negotiations, war and a false start, The New Zealand South Georgia Expedition 1984 boarded an RAF flight in Oxford bound for Ascension Island, and from there to the south Atlantic …. deputy leader Alan Knowles will show slides of minefields, sea elephant attack, exciting science, 17 peaks including 5 first ascents.


100 Year Reminiscence Series – Part 3

Margaret Foden presents ” What we did in the Sixties” a nostalgic look at club activities when we were young.


100 Year Reminiscence Series – Part 4

Over one hundred years ago Ian Baine’s father, Jack, built the first Baine iti Hut beside the Orongorongo River. Making use of his family’s extensive photo collection, Ian takes us back to those magical pioneering days of tramping in the valley.


The above photos and captions were sourced from the Tararua Tramping Club webpage ‘2018 club nights’.  For any questions or contributions for FMC’s support to celebrating 100 years of Tramping Clubs please contact FMC’s development officer