Absolutely stunning as everyone gathered at our festively decorated site at Long Bay Regional Park, on the North Shore of Auckland.

With a big group of 34 keen to walk, we ended up breaking into a few groups. With tide ebbing out enough exposing the sandy beach and rocks on the point, we all scooted around the point on the foreshore making a beeline north wards for Okura.

With a few brief photo stops along the way each of the groups reached Okura, one group making the most of the low tide and walking around further towards Okura Boatramp.

This might be a there and back walk, but there’s actually opportunities to vary where you go, high or low, cliff top or bush track and the views, ……….. well,… extremely photo worthy!

The guys had bbq’d up a storm with tantalising hot sausage and bbq’d onion smells wafting around welcoming us back to the site and a mass more current, former members and founding members and their families and friends to greet us.

A few really interesting, quick words from each of the 4 past presidents of the club that were present and the son of another, and presentation of the 2 very kindly donated prizes by Bivouac Albany, then we delved into the Chocy Mud Cake!  Yum!  Trampers, and food!

On behalf of the committee, many thanks to all those that played a part in helping to organise, those that helped bbq’ing today and very importantly to all those that came along today!  It was totally awesome to see such a massive group of around 100 people, and such a variety of ages from young kids to a former president who’s now 94.

It just goes to show, we have a special club, with a special bond that transcends age, with a common interest of tramping and the outdoors and usually photography.  Sharing our balloons at the end of the event with all the kids in surrounding picnics, much to the delight of their parents!

Looking forward to more boot time for the next year!!   And hunting out fun new places to tramp, besides our much loved Waitakere Ranges.

By Imogen Hewlett,  Promotions Officer of the North Shore Tramping Club