The NZ Mountain Film Festival has been held every year in Wanaka, since 2002. It showcases all the cutting edge of mountain adventure, culture and environments. Federated Mountain Clubs is proud to sponsor the festival, which has allowed us to provide a selection of each years films to school students for free.

We’re delighted to share some of the feedback from year 10 students from Maniototo Area School, Central Otago.

Isabella de Haas

I enjoyed watching this series of films. It amazed me looking at the distance that people do and pursue their hobbies. It was really cool to see other people enjoying what they do and going out into the wilderness. While watching these films I was wondering how everyone has different passions. It was interesting to see the climate change and how it has affected the ability to ski as much and how often they can go and ski. It also showed me that in a couple years there may not be enough snow because of global warming and our planet changing.

Abby Ferdinands

This was a good film to widen our horizon in sports and make us aware of other outdoor activities such as Rock Climbing and Skiing. We were able to see what those activities involve and how we could do them. We also find out how we need to sustain the environment and how climate change is affecting those activities. It was a very interesting video to watch and I liked it a lot.

Case Macdonald

It was very interesting about the snow deeps and thicknesses and when the last snow fall way and how much snow has not been over the past 30 years. Some things I found out was that one of the strongest rock climbers are french. Another thing I found out was that there is snow in Australia.

Olivia Russell

It was a good opportunity to see what outdoor experiences are out there, like backcountry skiing and rock climbing. I didn’t have much of an idea that these experiences were available before watching these videos. The videos were a good way to see what experiences are available around the world. It raised some awareness about climate change and how we won’t have what we have today in years. The filming was very well done.

Bailey Shepherd

It was a good experience to virtually see what they do on outback skiing and rock climbing that’s not artificial and the risk involved with what they do. The video was very inspiring and maybe one day i might take up outback country skiing but rock climbing is a bit to much for me. But overall the film was so fun to watch and it was a very well done film and i hope it inspires others.

Bradley Shaw

I really enjoyed watching these films as it showed the different changes in our world. Seeing the massive difference in snowfall is a little worrying as we need snow for farming and for skiing and having fun. It made me want to go do these fun things before the snow melts completely. Watching people climb up one of the tallest hardest climbing cliffs in the world made me think how much strength you need and the ability to keep on trying was very impressive.

Sam Varcoe

It was an amazing film to see different perspectives of sport such as cross country skiing and rock climbing, and peoples views of global warming and climate change. There were beautiful views and even though I don’t ski, it inspired me to want to try other sporting endeavours. It showed a real inside to cross country skiing and how climate change was affecting the outdoor environment, even affecting certain sporting events. Climate change has become a real world problem, and it’s really surprising to see how it affects other people in different countries. The film showed that you really need a lot of confidence and courage to be able to achieve your goals, and people in the film showed that once you work hard it’s so much better to do what you love. It would be good to see other activities and sports, and more New Zealand views and more to do with the New Zealand culture.

Aaliyah watson

The mountain festival movie was a really good opportunity to see what is out there in the world that doesn’t really get spoken about in the world. I liked how it showed us about the places you can go to ski, snowboard, and rock climbing. It showed us about all the different ways that people view doing these types of these things and how much it means to different people. It also showed us how global warming is really affecting our worlds and destroying our natural environments that have been there for years and years.

It showed how much it meant to the different cultures and also showed how different it is to New Zealand and our environment and views.

It was showing us all the beautiful views too 🙂

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